Sugar-Free Fruit Juice Jello


This jello was inspired by another recipe I discovered today for grape jello in a wonderful post about the many health benefits of gelatin (see post here). I just happened to have some organic grape juice in my pantry, so I went for it! I don’t normally give my children straight juice–and if I do, it is very watered down–so I cringed a little at the thought of all that concentrated sugar and almost added in some probiotic powder, but I held back. Then I smiled and took a deep breath and let my worries go, imagining what a yummy treat this would be for my kids (and myself).

Now I actually have never been a big jello fan per se, and to tell you the truth it used to appear nothing short of gross to me. Those jello salads or molds full of grapes and orange slices and mini marshmallows shimmying and shaking away in their bowl could easily turn my stomach. I always passed on those quietly if they appeared at a Thanksgiving dinner, and I shivered a little in wonderment at how anyone could eat such a thing.

But, now I know about the great benefits of eating clean, naturally sourced gelatin from grass-fed animals, and, always on the lookout for good protein sources and healthy super foods, I have been won over by gelatin!

I like a more firm jello personally, so I use a ratio of 1 tablespoon gelatin granules per cup of liquid and I find this makes a firm but satisfyingly jiggly jello. I also used grape juice, but any juice will do; heck, any flavored liquid, such as stevia-sweetened water will do the job. So use what you’ve got–but of course, don’t forget the gelatin! I like Bernard Jensen’s 100% Bovine Gelatin (available here or here) or Great Lakes kosher gelatin. (For gelatin to use in drinks, that mixes easily and doesn’t gel, I love this.)

Sugar Free Fruit Juice Jello

• 2 cups fruit juice (no sugar added)

• 2 cups filtered water

• 4 tablespoons gelatin powder (see above for sources)

• liquid stevia drops (optional)

In a large glass measuring container pour in the 2 cups of fruit juice. Sprinkle in the gelatin and stir to blend. In a medium sauce pan heat the remaining 2 cups of water until steam begins to form, but not until boiling. Turn off heat and add the juice mixture to the sauce pan and optional stevia drops; stir until gelatin is fully dissolved. Pour into a square baking dish or whatever mold you would like, and cool in the refrigerator for at least two hours or until set. Cut into squares or shapes and enjoy!


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